Valjevsko Beer

Brewery was founded back in 1860.

The convenient location and good properties of spring water in the Valjevo region made it possible to produce top quality, good beer.

The selected raw materials influence the specific taste and characteristic distinctiveness of Valjevo beer. The rapid development of Valjevo Brewery occurred in the 1990s, when it came to the top of domestic producers.
As a confirmation of the quality of Valjevo beer and specialty beers, Valjevo Brewery has received numerous awards and over 30 gold medals in Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens, London…

The founder of the brewery in Valjevo was Valjevo merchant Dimitrije Mitrovic. The company was founded in 1860 as a craft workshop for the production of wooden barrels and handicrafts. The brewery has been able to expand and develop thanks to contributions from other retailers as partners. The steady growth of the brewery enabled it to grow into a joint stock company in 1891.

With the introduction of the steam engine in 1910, the turning point began, with the start of industrial beer production.

We are the only brewery in Serbia that is still owned by a Serbian company.