The story of the land

More than 1700 years ago, on the sunny slopes of Fruska Gora, within srem region, the Roman emperor Markus aurelius Probus planted grape vines. It was a time in which the glourious history of serbian wine culture had begun, and on this land, we planted our first vines and they took roots and created what is known today as “Winery Sapat”

Our selection of vines is a combination of world classic and, in our region very rare, high-quality clones, that will give our red and white wines a touch of mystique and pleasant surprise. we strive to make all of our wines from the grapes that come from our own vineyards and by doing so we believe that with the great potential of the region, our own commitment and control we have found the key to success. The very first, purposely limited, harvest, we had in September 2012. One year later, our first big harvest marked the beginning of creation. Our wines are maturing, one by one. We listen. we believe. With great anticipation, we wait.



Wine, according to some sources, can be considered as the oldest product of humanity. The greatest development of wine was experienced in the 16th and 17th centuries when there were some milestones in the production and storage of wine. The wines begin to live longer and change their properties during the course of their maturation and produce so-called noises.

The production area, where the grapes from our vineyard are transformed into wine, is one of three parts of the Whispering Atelier Winery complex. It is designed to the latest standards and is equipped with the best technology, while in the “barik cellar” there are traditional wooden vessels and barik casks, made of French and Serbian oak, suitable for fermentation as well as for storing red wines. This is where the magic of Whispering Wine is created, according to a special recipe and in limited series.

Part of the cellar, overlooking all the rooms where our wine is made, is specially designed and designed for a comfortable and relaxing tasting.

Our Wines


Tasting: On the scent stand out intense fruity and slightly spicy aroma with strong notes of fresh red berries and plums, sometimes with delicate hints of black pepper aromas. The taste is soft and elegant, excellent structure and great freshness that makes it appealing now.


Tasting notes: Intense golden yellow color. On the smell of intense and complex with strong notes of vanilla and acacia honey, mineral tones that accompany aromas of ripe tropical fruits. The taste is noted good balance of freshness and softness with a very pronounced and long-lasting exceptionally elegant aromatic complex. 


Tasting notes: Intense red color, with soft shades of pomegranate. On the scent are very strong with spicy notes typical varietal characteristics. Wine is expressed bodies with slightly accented notes of vanilla and wood, rather long in the finale, with soft tannins that contribute significantly to the softness and excellent structure.


Tasting notes: Mild yellow color  with golden reflections. The taste is noble and gentle, medium full-bodied, gentle body. Denominated notes of vanilla and acacia flower, mixed with lively and fresh fruity notes of peach, apricot and ripe bananas.