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  • JUNI 93 London Dry Gin
    $80.00 $69.99 inc. Gst
    Crafted with organic Serbian juniper berries, delicate Juni 93 replaces overly fussy, competing botanicals and artificial flavours with pure, fresh juniper. It took 93 batches to perfect the recipe. The result is something completely exceptional.
    This is a London Dry Gin made to be enjoyed simply and slowly.
    Alongside the prominent juniper, you’ll taste pine and eucalyptus with a hint of sour, summery zest. Sweet notes of vanilla and cherry are complimented by the delicate warmth of cardamom and cinnamon and hints of elderflower, elderberry and lavender.
  • JUNI 93 Raspberry & Plum
    $80.00 $69.99 inc. Gst
    Serbia is one of the world’s biggest growers of both raspberries and plums. These gorgeously sweet, soft fruits thrive in our country’s fertile soil and humid climate, so we couldn’t resist using them in our special edition, small-batch Serbian gin.
    We’ve infused our Juni 93 gin with the most stunning local plums and raspberries, creating a beautifully light and summery spirit made with all-natural ingredients.
    The stunning juniper base of Juni 93 is backed by hand-grown organic fruits. Beneath the juniper is a combination of sweet and sour, with the rich, golden plums balancing tart raspberry, finished with accents of cherry and warming cinnamon.
  • JUNI 93 Cask Aged Gin
    $120.00 $99.99 inc. Gst
    Good things come to those who wait. Cask aging might be more common in whisky and bourbon, but cask aged gin has actually been around for centuries.
    We age ours in juniper wood barrels to intensify the flavour of Serbian juniper and giving the gin heavy notes of pine and eucalyptus.
    Limited-run Juni 93 Cask Aged is an intensely and unapologetically juniper rich micro-batch gin. The juniper wood casks give the gin powerful forest flavours of juniper, pine and eucalyptus, which complement the warm earthiness, hints of spice, and soft chamomile finish.
  • Award Winning Taste Set
    $149.99 $129.99 inc. Gst
    Showcasing our award winning wines & premium award  winning Casked aged gin.
    1 x bottle Cabernet Sauvignon / Šapat
    1 x bottle Chardonnay / Šapat
    1 x bottle Cask Age Gin / Juni93
    save $20

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