Best from Serbia is a newly established company importing a variety of premium products from Serbia onto Australian shores.
Home of Award Winning ranges, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction sourcing & providing only premium products from the Serbian market & land.
At Best from Serbia we understand the importance of innovation & the desire for the consumer to frequently want new products. We will continue to bring to bring fresh ideas & products into our range based on your demands.
All items we provide are authentic & are hand selected not only for those of Serbian/European decent but our range has already shown success across all markets that enjoy the finer things in life at a respectable price.
We honor our mission statement with everything we do
“Products from Serbia, from the heart of Serbia & only the Best from Serbia”

Try our Wine

Our two directors had travelled for months to source a vineyard that produced a particular tasting wine to share with the world. The Sapat winery located in the Fruska Gora Region is renowned for its cuisine which is French with Serbian fusion.  Along with fine dining came the exquisite wine options which without a doubt they both fell in love with and knew that these were the wines that had to be incorporated into this range.
With the first grapes harvested 1700 years ago the land undeniably works in unity to create a divine taste matched with aromas that will satisfy all five senses


Our directors are Gin lovers themselves so sourcing the best Gin was no easy task, but they did it with Juni 93. Juni 93 was an award winning Gin in the WORLD SPIRITS awards 2019.
Serbia’s hidden jewel the Juniper berry is incorporated into this all organic Gin, Juni 93 creates a magical experience. At first, you will be attracted by its extraordinarily impressive appearance then once you taste the unique blend of each individual flavour your palette will be taken on a priceless journey. Serbia is the only country in the world that age their Gin in Juniper berry barrels which makes the product authentic and a premium product. Juni 93 is a Gin for real Gin lovers bringing the flavour of Juniper out from the wings and back into the spotlight. Juni 93 is blended with water and is as pure as it gets.


Our Valjevska Beer is from the home of Valjevska Pivara brewery. The brewery prides itself on being the only beer company in Serbia that make craft beer with no preservatives or additives. 
This is a beer that can be enjoyed and consumed on any occasion. Refreshing & Crisp tasting beer without the heaviness.
The invigorating tasting beer that you will appreciate.

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